Coyotes have been seen on numerous occasions in our neighbourhood this summer. It seems the population of wandering coyotes is much larger than in the past. They can be quite frightening as they move from one part of their territory to another in search of prey (usually small mammals such as mice or voles). An unattended dog is also at risk. Fortunately, we have not received any documented reports of anyone or animal being harmed.

A coyote wandering on Lyndhurst Ave. around 11 pm

A coyote who does not run away when encountering humans has, most likely, become accustomed or habituated to people. This generally occurs when a coyote has been fed (in the form of handouts, pet food left outside, or unsecured garbage).

The City will not take action to relocate the coyotes. The South Hill Residents Association (the neighbourhood on the east side of the Nordheimer Ravine) has been campaigning for their removal with Councillor Josh Matlow’s office. We will update you on further developments. In the meantime, please be alert and mind your pets.