Neighbours have noticed a large number of gypsy moths on the many oak trees in our neighbourhood. The moths are now at their caterpillar stage where they have the potential of destroying our beautiful tree canopy. We are in touch with the Urban Forestry department who are monitoring the situation. The city has sprayed trees on city property in 2007/2008, 2013/2014 and 2017. The infestation this year has not warranted a spraying or other ground treatments.

If these moths are not controlled, severe loss of foliage can take place within a few years.

The City does not treat trees on private property but does provide information on the appropriate treatment. Please CLICK HERE for their guide.

Some homeowners have taken steps to stop these red spine caterpillar creatures from crawling up tree trunks so they cannot defoliate the leaves above. They wrapped duct tape around the tree trunk and then placed petroleum jelly on top of the duct tape.

Annabel Weinstein is in communication with Urban Forestry to stay on top of this issue. We are looking to organize an information meeting this fall or winter so residents are  equipped to deal with any outbreak next spring.

Before next spring keep an eye open for their egg masses which will accumulate on trees through the fall and winter. Scrape off egg masses with a dull knife or use a vacuum and place them in soapy water for a few days before discarding them in the garbage. If they fall on the ground crush them with your shoe.