The road, sidewalk, and sewer re-construction of Wells Hill Ave. between Lyndhurst Ave. and St. Clair Ave. West is nearing completion. The sewers, roadbed and reconfiguration of the intersection where Wells Hill Ave., Melgund Road and Lyndhurst Ave. meet has been completed. The rebuilt sidewalk on the west side and the new sidewalk on the east side should be completed this week. Asphalt is scheduled to be laid the week of October 21st, weather permitting.

This section of the road, which is the main entrance to our neighbourhood and which accommodates traffic heading to Bathurst St. southbound, has always been of concern to area residents because of the blind curve.  It will likely be more hazardous going forward as the road has been narrowed to 20 feet at the curve to accommodate the new sidewalk on the east side.

Wells Hill northbound approaching curve

Wells Hill northbound at curve

Wells Hill southbound

Any traffic that stops on the curve will risk a rear end collision and possibly there will be a head-on collision if a car attempting to pass collides with a car coming from the opposite direction.

Winter snow clearing will be a challenge as snow will either be pushed to the side, making passing impossible or on to the sidewalk making it risky for pedestrian traffic.

Last February the CLRA opposed the location of a daycare at the curve pending a traffic and safety review. There were also 20 written submissions from area residents in opposition,  Our position will be the same if the application is re-submitted to the Committee of Adjustment following this narrowing of the road.