The following is a list of applications to the Committee of Adjustment and Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) that have been submitted for properties in our neighbourhood, updated to August 12, 2023.

Click on the property address and you can review the Supporting Documentation for the Application such as the notice, the plans submitted, the application for variance and submissions supporting or objecting to the application.  Information is updated when new documents are submitted.

Below each address is the hearing date that has been scheduled.


14-16 Austin Terrace

To sever existing lot with semi detached building into two lots. Of the 5 identical buildings on the Austin Terrace block, 3 are already severed (6/8, 10/12, 22/22A)

Approved Jan 16, 2023 with Conditions

18-20 Austin Terrace

To obtain consent to sever the property into two residential lots and to create easements/right-of-ways.

62 Austin Terrace

To alter the existing three-unit, two-storey detached dwelling by constructing a rear three-storey addition above the rear detached garage to accommodate a fourth dwelling unit.

Approved March 8, 2023.

99 Hilton Ave.

To alter the existing two-and-one-half-storey detached dwelling by constructing a one and two-storey rear addition (to replace the existing rear one and two-storey rear addition), a third storey rear addition, and to install a secondary suite within the basement.

58 Lyndhurst Ave.

The proposed development includes retrofits to the existing building including the conversion of the existing garage into habitable space as well as a second storey extension.

Approved April 19, 2023 with conditions.

71 Lyndhurst Ave.

To demolish existing home and construct a new three-storey detached dwelling.

Approved May 17, 2023

90 Lyndhurst Ave.

To alter the existing two-storey single family detached house by constructing a third storey addition with a rear third storey balcony, a rear second storey box window, interior alterations and as well as a new rear ground floor deck.

Approved March 8, 2023 with a modification to the third storey balcony.

317 Walmer Rd.

To legalize and to maintain the front basement walkout entrance and two secondary suites within the basement that were constructed without an authorized building permit. Also, to alter the existing two-storey semi-detached dwelling by constructing a side deck.

Hearing scheduled for Wednesday June 14 at 9:30am (virtual meeting)

349 Walmer Rd.

To demolish existing building and construct New 3-Storey Single Family Dwelling Detached House.

Approved April 26, 2023

350A Walmer Rd.

Proposal to construct a new 3 storey single family detached dwelling with attached garage. Note this is the south side lot with a 25 foot frontage. The original lot of 50 feet was subdivided.

Hearing scheduled for Wednesday August 16 at 2pm – Committee Room 2, Second Floor, City Hall

Condo Development on former Petro Canada property at Bathurst & St. Clair (1467 Bathurst Street) 

Updated Condominium and Site Plan Filed Sept. 22, 2021

1109 Bathurst Street (Self Storage at Bathurst & Dupont)

Refined drawings and materials presented Oct 18, 2021

555 Davenport Rd. & 500 Macpherson Ave.

To build 2 – 8 story condominium residences on Kendal Ave.