The Environmental Group (“EG”), led by resident Barbara Chernin, has persisted in its dialogue with Councillor Matlow’s office, Suncor (parent of Petro-Canada) and the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) through the summer following the approval by City Council on June 18th of the zoning amendment for the three tower development at Bathurst and St. Clair with an Addendum that requires a review of the remediation plan for the former gas station and inspection of its lands and surrounding areas (which include Wells Hill Park and Nordheimer Ravine). See Approval.

On August 24th Suncor informed the EG that they will provide an update on the remediation of their lands once they hear from the City, City Councillor or the MEPC.  With regard to the surrounding area, the EG’s concern is whether the tree deterioration in the Nordheimer Ravine is due to pest, traffic congestion or groundwater and soil contamination emanating from the Development site.

The EG will maintain its dialogue with the MEPC, the City and Councillor Matlow to ensure environmental concerns are addressed before a building permit is issued for the project.

They will keep us informed as updates and reports are issued.