It’s now November, the sales office for the Condo towers is open but we are still waiting on the Record of Site Condition (RSC)  and the Transportation Study that was promised has not yet been undertaken.

The RSC summarizes the environmental condition of a property based on the completion of one or more Environmental Site Assessments.

The Transportation Study is to address community concerns about increasing traffic flow through to Bathurst by Melgund or Nina, largely attributable to backed up traffic further and further on St. Clair caused by (i) increased pedestrian traffic at the intersection limiting right turns north on Bathurst and thus effectively blocking the inner of the two lanes of westbound traffic and (ii) a short left turn lane at the intersection which often blocks the outer lane.   The traffic jam also adds greatly to the pollution around the corner and along St. Clair across from Wells Hill Park. See our June 6, 2020 posting.