A Front Yard Parking Pad Permit is required to construct a parking pad in Toronto. A parking pad has to be designed and located with consideration for the streetscape, water runoff and the protection of trees and their roots, among others.

Obtaining a Permit is an involved process with a myriad of restrictions and exclusions. Note that the permit does not follow the property, but that a new property owner will need to apply to have the permit agreement transferred.

Relevant links are as follows:

The relevant Municipal Code
Note that provisions applicable to the Casa Loma neighbourhood are included in those specific to Ward 21 in the Code.

List of Addresses in the City of Toronto that have been issued Front Yard Parking Permits

Application Form
Includes a listing of what is required to accompany the Application



On-street permit designated streets

A residential on-street permit entitles permit holding residents to park their automobile on the street within a specified area exclusively during permit parking hours. The On-street parking area for Casa Loma is designated by the City as 5B.  Residents with on-street permits may park their cars on streets outlined in black on the area map, except during prohibited parking hours.  Residents without on-street permits may not park their cars on streets designated for on-street parking during specified permit parking hours.

Further information and application forms are available on the City’s website: