The CLRA has been successful in getting the ugly and disfunctional sidewalk on the north side of Melgund Road reconfigured.  Presently, the sidewalk is raised from the street and for that reason there is a metal fence installed between the sidewalk and the street. This has restricted passengers exiting from the right side of vehicles and forces anyone exiting a parked vehicle to walk in the street until reaching a gap in the fence so they can access the sidewalk and Wells Hill Park.  Initially the City was only going to reconfigure the sidewalk to street level along the stretch bordering the renovated and enlarged Wychwood Library.  The City will now level the sidewalk and thereby also remove the fence all the way to Hilton Ave.

Our Councillor, Josh Matlow, has confirmed to us that this work will be completed at the same time Melgund Road is resurfaced later this year.