Barbara Chernin, a member of the CLRA, has been monitoring the tower development proposed for the northeast corner of St. Clair & Bathurst.

In addition to advocating for the Traffic Management & Mitigation Plan which was approved by City Council on October 29, 2019, Barbara also has concerns about ongoing assessment of soil and groundwater contamination being done on that site by the City and overseen by the province’s Ministry of Environment in conjunction with the developer’s team.   The contamination occurred as a result of a gas leak which began in the late 1990’s.   A Suncor Petro-Canada gas station was on that site for 25 years and dismantled only 9 years ago.   Suncor still continues remediation both on that site and beyond it.

This contamination and gas leak moved south and may have reached Wells Hill Park and the Nordheimer Ravine in addition to properties adjacent to the site.    Barbara is forming an Environmental Group of concerned neighbours, in the CLRA and neighbourhoods to the north and west, to explore this issue hoping to provide expertise and research from other sources so that it will be properly addressed.   The goal is to work together to give elected and other officials an opportunity to ensure appropriate steps have been taken to protect our environment and health using neighborhood input before construction begins.   Her plan is to communicate the status of research, actions and findings for the rest of us through updates.

We will keep residents of the Casa Loma neighborhood posted as this Group moves forward.   We will also keep you posted on other developments for the project such as the Transportation Management and Mitigation plan and other changes to the project as we become aware of them.

If you are interested in joining the Environmental Group, wish to voice your concerns or for more information, please contact Barbara at