JoAnn Breitman and Councillor Joe Mihevc met on June 7th with representatives of Casa Loma, which is managed by Liberty Entertainment Group (LEG).  Among the issues discussed were noise, parking and traffic issues impacting our neighbourhood.


LEG has made improvements to their sound system by putting speakers in rocks so they are low to the ground, changing direction of the sound, and increasing the number of speakers so that individual speakers don’t have to be as loud and the sound is not transmitted as far. They have committed to keeping sound levels at 65 decibels or lower and ending their Symphony in the Gardens (Tuesdays June 5 – Aug 28), Soul in The City (Mondays June 18 – Aug 27) and Just For Laughs Comedy in the Castle (Wednesdays July 25 – Aug 29) events at 9:30 rather than at 10 pm as has been past practice. Weddings will no longer have live bands outside. There will be DJs outside but the sound system will have a “limiter” which cuts off music if it goes above 65 decibels. Weddings will go to midnight. The City has agreed to monitor this during the summer.

LEG has committed to keeping all of the screaming/ fright effects inside for this year’s Legends of Horror event which runs for the month of October.

Traffic and Parking

The Italian Day on June 3rd. highlighted the need for stricter parking enforcement and a traffic control plan. This especially impacted residents on Walmer Road and Castleview Avenue. Traffic congestion in front of the castle was also very severe as there are no warning signs, say on Spadina or Davenport, informing attendees that the lot is full. LEG will open the South Gate for access as a convenience for those parking in the George Brown lot or taking public transit and will use several mobile signs around site entry points north and south to discourage drivers from heading directly to the castle parking lot. This summer, Joe Mihevc will ask for stricter parking enforcement (ticket and tow) during events. Other measures will wait on the completion of a consultant’s study that LEG has commissioned for this summer and fall.

Construction and debris

The renovation of the exterior of Casa Loma is ongoing which leads to issues related to the construction staging and debris disposal, which are concentrated in the vicinity of the stables. Rod Jones, Director of Bylaw Enforcement has recently inspected the site and will report to us.

We have made good progress in our meetings with Liberty Entertainment Group over the past year and appreciate the changes they have and will be making in recognition that the castle is located in a residential neighbourhood.  Discussions on the above matters are ongoing and resident input and suggestions are welcome. Please email your thoughts and suggestions to .