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Wells Hill Lawn Bowling Club Update

The Toronto Public Library has indicated that the opening date for the Wells Hill Lawn Bowling Club will be delayed. Good progress has been made in grading the site and laying sod around the perimeter. However, the bowling green cannot be laid until the irrigation system is powered and has been fully tested. Toronto Hydro is working to supply power to the site to enable this. 

The Club meanwhile has raised more than $1,000 toward its $5,000 goal to refresh the Club’s equipment. To contribute to the Club’s GoFundMe campaign click on this link.


Coyotes have been seen on numerous occasions in our neighbourhood this summer. It seems the population of wandering coyotes is much larger than in the past. They can be quite frightening as they move from one part of their territory to another in search of prey (usually small mammals such as mice or voles). An unattended dog is also at risk. Fortunately, we have not received any documented reports of anyone or animal being harmed.

A coyote wandering on Lyndhurst Ave. around 11 pm

A coyote who does not run away when encountering humans has, most likely, become accustomed or habituated to people. This generally occurs when a coyote has been fed (in the form of handouts, pet food left outside, or unsecured garbage).

The City will not take action to relocate the coyotes. The South Hill Residents Association (the neighbourhood on the east side of the Nordheimer Ravine) has been campaigning for their removal with Councillor Josh Matlow’s office. We will update you on further developments. In the meantime, please be alert and mind your pets.

Update on 1467 Bathurst St. (land at St. Clair & Bathurst)

You probably have noticed the pyramid pile of earth on the old Petro Canada site at St. Clair & Bathurst. This is contaminated soil removed from the section of the property on which a condo sales office is to open this summer. The sales office will be for a 3 tower condo project to replace the original 3 tower rental project for the site.

The Environmental Group had the opportunity last week to speak to Canderel’s Director of Development and Investment Dana Roebuck regarding the 1467 Bathurst Street site.

We discussed many of the concerns the Environmental Group has regarding the remediation of the property and ongoing remediation.  Presently, thanks to City Council Motions passed with the help of Councillor Matlow in July, the City has granted the developers a building permit for a sales office only which she says will go up this summer.  Pending a completed risk assessment, they will get a Record of Site Condition (RSC) to develop the property with the intention of building 3 towers of condos.

It is my opinion that the development of a 3 tower, each of 30+ stories, condo tower project with its resulting traffic congestion, use of heavy machinery equipment, overshadowing and wind tunnel effects will environmentally impact Nordheimer Ravine already in poor condition.

What is concerning now is that large mound of contaminated soil on the 1467 Bathurst Street site which cannot be moved due to a provincial trucking strike.  This means that it will sit there until the strike is over.  There are two options available—One is to truck the contaminated soil away privately so that the soil does not remain close to the street and St. Mike’s School.  Heavy rains will also affect its spread.  The other option is to stop excavation until there is a reasonable expectation that the soil will be hauled away to an appropriate landfill in a timely manner.  If you also have concerns, please contact me     I have contacted the Ministry of Environment in the hope that they will deal with this swiftly.