The Casa Loma Residents Association supports a review by Transportation Services, City of Toronto to evaluate the risk to public safety and traffic congestion that may result from the operation of a proposed day-care facility at 105 Wells Hill Avenue.

This property is the first house on Wells Hill Ave. south of St. Clair Ave. on the blind curve between Melgund Rd. and St. Clair Ave. adjacent to Wells Hill Park. This section of Wells Hill Ave. is also scheduled to be narrowed by 1.5 meters by the installation of a sidewalk on the east side which was not discussed or communicated to our community. The day-care facility is intended to serve 37 toddlers and operate with a support staff of 9.

Transportation Services has communicated the following to the Committee of Adjustment:

The current documentation on file with your Committee does not provide adequate information with respect to the traffic generating characteristics and peak parking demands associated with the proposed day nursery as it relates to staff parking and the forecasted vehicle drop-off/pick-up activity during either the morning or afternoon peak arrival periods.

Many residents of the Casa Loma neighbourhood have expressed concern for the safety of children being dropped off at the proposed daycare and the congestion that will result from cars backing out of the driveway at 105 Wells Hill Ave. or stopping on this curve leading either from or towards St. Clair Ave.  This leads to increased risk of accidents between vehicles and pedestrians.

The CLRA is a supporter of more day care facilities to service our neighbourhood but believes it is completely premature to approve the location at 105 Wells Hill.  The CLRA also believes a study by the City of Toronto Transportation Department is necessary to address the many concerns presented to the Committee of Adjustment by neighbourhood residents.

Accordingly we request that the Committee oppose the application or, in the alternative, defer consideration of the application until the City’s Transportation Services department has had the opportunity to properly study the impacts and potential hazards of this proposed conversion.

Printer Friendly Submission to Committee of Adjustment

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