This is a followup to our original posting.

Annabel Weinstein has been staying in touch with Josh McMeekin, Inspector, Forest Health Care for the City of Toronto. We have now been informed that, subject to City Council approval, Urban Forestry is planning on conducting an area wide aerial spray over the Casa Loma neighbourhood with a helicopter in the spring  of 2019 in order to control the rising population of gypsy moth in our area.  The City will hold a community meeting  about the 2019 Gypsy moth control program in the Casa Loma neighbourhood, most likely in late February-March.

In order to try and make the best use of time in this presentation, Urban Forestry would like a list of questions, concerns and/or topics that people would like to be covered during this session.  This will help Urban Forestry prepare, and organize a presentation to better cover the topics of interest/concern.

Please with your questions, concerns and topics you would like covered in this meeting before the end of January.

As soon as we know the meeting date, we will post it on our website and email our members.