A drop-in event is being held by the City and its consultants WSP Global to present their recommendations for improving traffic management around Casa Loma. This study (the Casa Loma Transportation Management and Mitigation Plan “TMMP”) was initiated in August 2018. Their recommendations have considered input from the public consultation process of November 2018, including input from members of the Casa Loma Residents Association.


Tuesday July 2, 2018

6-8 pm

Archives Building, 255 Spadina Road


The TMMP recommendations that will be presented on Tuesday for your consideration are:

Liberty Entertainment Group related


  1. Improve the Casa Loma website and tourist information materials to highlight public transportation, parking and walking options. (Evergreen Brickworks website referenced as a good example).
  2. Modify parking payment method (pay and display, pay at exit, mobile payment).
  3. Repaint paving markings in parking lot to reduce driver confusion.
  4. Improve efficiency of current parking area to increase supply.
  5. Improve lighting in parking areas.
  6. Formalize visitor parking in the coach bus lot (east parking lot) in the evening period when coach parking is not required and improve direction signage.
  7. Formalize PUDO (Pick up Drop off) in the coach parking lot with permanent and improved signage
  8. Provide PUDO information to rideshare companies and taxi drivers through outreach program.

City related


  1. Improve signage/wayfinding for transit users and pedestrians
  2. Offer formal bicycle parking
  3. Improve wayfinding to George Brown College Bridgman parking lots
  4. Enhance advertisement of alternative parking at George Brown Bridgman parking lots.
  5. Construct sidewalk on north side of Austin Terrace and establish visitor crossing signage (but not a formal Crosswalk)

The CLRA appreciates the first steps already taken by Liberty Entertainment Group which has improved traffic flow this year, including temporary PUDO signage and the contracting for private traffic control officers at both parking entrances for major events. The CLRA will also be helping organize in July a local residents group on Walmer Rd. and Castleview to address specifically Permit and No Parking options for those streets.

We encourage you to attend the public drop-in event to meet with City and WSP personnel. Please give us your feedback and ideas by email so that together we can work with the City and Liberty Entertainment Group to ensure improvements are made to the traffic and parking situation around Casa Loma.