Last year the CLRA was instrumental in getting a 4 way red light at Bathurst  St. and Nina to give pedestrians a head start in crossing a very busy stretch of Bathurst Street.  This was especially important as this is the main crossing point for students on the west side of Bathurst St. to get to Hillcrest School and Community Centre.  Councillor Josh Matlow is now working for us to have a red light camera installed on Bathurst St. at this intersection. His expectation is that the legal and technical process will be completed and red light camera installed by next year.  In all cases, pedestrians are advised to cross Bathurst Street from the south side of Nina; Bathurst St. narrows at Nina Street, leaving pedestrians waiting on the north/east corner vulnerable to a fast moving car not adjusting in time to the narrowing of Bathurst St. at this intersection.