You might have been wondering about the sorry state of upkeep for the public art installation designed by Dan Young and Christian Giroux at Bathurst and Vaughan.

Original plan for “Three Points Where Two Lines Meet” 2018

We have learned that a neighbouring residents association, the Connaught Lonsmount Area Ratepayers Association, led by Jon Soules, Ann Percival and Howard Katz, has been doing some weeding and upkeep and has been following up with city officials to address this situation permanently. They have reported to the City the following:

Weed infested landscaping Summer 2019

The entire area is choked with weeds and the north end is infested with bindweed, which is really unfortunate as it is very hard to get rid of once its roots have taken hold. It’s only a matter of time before the whole triangle is strangled, including the structure. The remaining grasses (possibly 60% of the original planting) are in rough shape – they are meant to be in a dry environment, and not kept damp by the vigorous weeds that are crowding around them.  This is a case of deferred minor maintenance resulting in much more serious maintenance needs.  It is not a cost effective approach.

 In addition, a hydro box was located in the triangle after the art installation. They have asked that art work be applied to it and also messaging about the  art sculpture  and its artists, not unlike other hydro boxes in the city.

The response from the City has been extremely slow but the City’s Public Art Officer, Catherine Dean, has promised to follow-up on the maintenance issues so we are hopeful that the area will be cleaned up in the near term and a permanent landscaping maintenance plan put in place.

The Connaught Lonsmount Area Ratepayers Association took leadership here. If you are interested in helping with the maintenance of public spaces within the CLRA boundaries, beyond but including the Clean Toronto Together initiative each spring, please let us know at our general meeting this fall.